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Biopsy for Oral Pathology
Whittier, CA

Regular dental exams are essential for more than just the health of your teeth and gums. While your mouth is examined for symptoms of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, it is also looked over for symptoms of oral cancer. Oral cancer is the largest group of head and neck cancers that can affect just about any region of your mouth. Early detection and treatment is key to successful treatment. If oral cancer is caught too late, it can be fatal. One of the biggest problems, however, is that the earliest symptoms are not always noticeable. They can often be detected during your regular dental exam though. If anything unusual is found, Simon K. Choyee, DDS, Inc. can help with a biopsy for oral pathology.

Symptoms That Should Be Evaluated With a Biopsy

There are several signs and symptoms that could warrant the need for a biopsy. These symptoms include
•  Red or white patches in your mouth.
•  Sores or ulcers that will not heal.
•  An unusual growth.
•  Obstructed salivary ducts. These can lead to a swelling on the lips or under the tongue.
•  Trouble chewing or swallowing.
•  Hoarseness.

What Is a Biopsy?

A biopsy is a procedure that involves removing a small portion of abnormal soft tissue for closer examination under a microscope. The idea of a biopsy can be pretty scary, as they are often associated with oral cancer. While they are common for diagnosing or ruling out, the presence of oral cancer, they can also be used to diagnose some different oral issues as well.
•  Fibromas, or thickened masses may feel like a lump.
•  Leukoplakia. This is a condition that causes the formation of white patches in the mouth. They are often benign but can be precancerous.
•  Lichen planus, an inflammatory disease.
•  Systemic amyloidosis, a condition in which abnormal proteins have built up on your organs and spread throughout your body.
•  Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare, but fatal, clotting disorder.

Types of Biopsies

There are several different types of biopsies that may be performed. These include
•  Incisional biopsies, often used for larger lesions.
•  Excisional biopsies. Used for smaller lesions, the whole abnormality is often removed in the process.
•  Punch biopsies. Often used for abnormalities at the back of the mouth, a punch tool is used to remove several layers of tissue.
•  Frozen section biopsies. The sample of tissue is frozen and cut into sections. It is then stained and examined.
•  Brush biopsies. This type of biopsy does not involve the removal of any tissue. Instead, a brush is run over the lesion to collect cells. This particular type of biopsy is often used for diagnosing oral cancer.

Performing Your Biopsy

A biopsy is a fairly simple procedure. First, the area around where the biopsy is to be performed. Next, a local anesthetic is administered. This anesthetic takes only a few minutes to begin working and ensures that you will feel no pain during the procedure. We then remove a small sample of tissue and suture the wound closed. Typically, dissolvable stitches are used, and they disappear within two weeks. If your biopsy comes back with a specific diagnosis, we can then recommend you for the appropriate treatment.

If an unusual growth or other abnormality is found during your routine dental exams, it is essential to have it examined right away. With a biopsy for oral pathology, we can diagnose, or rule out the presence of oral cancer and other pathological diseases. For more information, call Simon K. Choyee, DDS, Inc. at (562) 947-4781 today.
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