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Best Types of Foods for Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Dr. Simon K Choyee
Best Types of Foods for Oral Surgery RecoveryOral surgery leaves your mouth raw, swollen, with some bleeding, and very tender to touch. Even a simple tooth removal places dietary restrictions on us. There are some foods, though, that you can eat after oral surgery.

Best Foods to Have After Oral Surgery

Yogurt-rich smoothies are easy to ingest. These tasty treats can be as flavorful as you like. You can choose fruits and veggies that will go into them. They will not only fill your stomach but also help repopulate the useful intestinal flora that is affected by the antibiotics that you'll likely be consuming. Avoid using a straw. Whip up a smoothie with a consistency that enables easy swallowing with least bother.

Soups are a commonsense addition to any menu prepared for a post oral surgery recuperative period. Thin, flavorful soups minus chunky pieces of vegetables or meat are ideal. Chunky additions require mastication and are best avoided.

Eggs, boiled or scrambled, are easy to ingest with minimum chewing. They are also a great source of protein and minerals. There's no reason why you should lose out on nutrition for the period you're on a restricted diet. Eggs with a smoothie or milkshake constitute a filling lunch or dinner.

Cheese, in its many varieties, is another great source of nutrition and useful probiotics for a healthy gut. You can have cheese by itself or grate some over whatever else that you've cooked.
Mashed potatoes with Greek yogurt or boiled vegetables with a sprinkling of herbs, salt, and pepper is tempting for the taste buds and also a very easy preparation.Indulge your sweet tooth with cakes and pastries.

Get in touch with us for a comprehensive post oral surgery recovery plan. We will help you create personalized, tasty menus that will keep you interested. Wish to recover quickly and healthily? Call us.
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