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Tips for Keeping Your Mouth Guard in Great Shape

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Dr. Simon K Choyee
Tips for Keeping Your Mouth Guard in Great ShapeWhen you first get a mouth guard to help you with teeth grinding, sleep apnea, snoring or some other condition, you enjoy the feeling that you get from a good night's sleep. You thank the mouth guard for helping reduce the pain you had from TMJ.

You are happy for the relief that you get from the mouth guard, but over time, you start to lose that good feeling. You start to realize that the mouth guard is not as effective as it was when you first got it. It is important to care for your mouth guard if you want it to remain as effective as the day you got it.

Your Mouth Changes Over Time

The first thing you need to recognize is that the shape of your mouth changes over time. Your teeth can move, gums can recede and the shape of your mouth changes as you get older. Because of that, it is important to recognize that the shape of your mouth guard needs to change as the shape of your mouth, teeth and jaw change.

Mouth guards are custom fitted to your mouth. It is possible to make adjustments to the mouth guards to make sure they fit properly. The best way to do this is through regularly scheduled appointments with our office.

Keep It Clean
While making minor adjustments to the mouth guard can help make it fit properly, the most basic thing to do to keep the mouth guard in good shape is to keep it clean. Cleaning the mouth guard requires a few things.

•  Brush and floss every day - This helps remove the bacteria from the teeth and gums. If this does not happen, the bacteria will end up on the mouth guard.
•  Clean the mouth guard daily - Even if you brush and floss every day, the bacteria in your mouth can still end up on the mouth guard. It also needs a good cleaning every day. Use soap and warm water to clean. Hot water could damage the mouth guard
•  Store it properly - Once you clean the mouth guard. You need to store it in a case that will keep it clean and protected.
•  Avoid chewing on the mouth guard - This habit can distort the shape and affect the fit of the mouth guard.
•  Store in a cool ventilated place - Excessive heat and moist air can damage the mouth guard.

The better care you take care of your mouth guard, the more it can help resolve any problems you have. It is something everyone who wears a mouth guard should take the time to learn about. Contact our office to learn more about this or any other oral health question you have.
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